Message from Medical Superitendent !

    Dr. Muhammad Ghiias Rajab
    Medical Superitendent
    Mercy Teaching Hospital
    Mercy Teaching Hospital is one of the leading teaching hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attached to Peshawar Medical College. It has a proud heritage of serving the ailing community comming to this hospital from different walks of life.

    Our consultants are some of the best in their respective specialties and under their guidance our dedicated and committed medical, nursing, paramedical and other health staff workers tirelessly provide a comprehensive healthcare to our patients.

    Mercy Teaching Hospital is a private charity based hospital delivering services to the poor, miserable and ailing community of entire KPK, FATA and adjoining areas of Afghanistan.

    It is in process of up-gradation moving ahead towards establishing new highly specialized units along with installation of sophisticated new equipments in its different units to provide quality services to the patients visiting this hospital.

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PMC graduates have the highest passing rate
in postgraduate (FCPS-1) exams
in all private & public
sector medical colleges of KPK