Peshawar Medical College

Excellence in Professional Competence  &  Ethical Values



Learning objective: The education system is designed to train students on application of knowledge of basic sciences to clinical problems, use computers and IT in line with currents trends of medical education and achieve professional and ethical excellence at end of education in medical college.

The education system and curriculum will meet the challenges of contemporary global health needs and will be based on integrated teaching system. It will also incorporate the preliminary application of knowledge of basic sciences to clinical problems from first professional. Students will be given the opportunities of exposure to “real-life” clinical problems relevant to their level of knowledge.

Use of computers and IT will be part of the teaching and students will be taught the relevant computers softwares from first year. The college self-learning resource center will be open for use to students and teachers where they will be provided with “hands- on” assistance and training.

Internal assessment will be an integral part of evaluation system and part of it will be computer-based evaluation, on subjects already taught to them.

Students will be given the opportunity of training on research methodologies and paper writing. They will be expected to produce at least five research papers in five years and will be encouraged to submit their papers to the national and international conferences. College will sponsor all expense involved in presentation of papers accepted in various national conferences.

Teacher and students will be engaged in regular dialogue through tutorial system and accessibility of teachers to students will be facilitated to develop a better teacher students relation based on respect and professional freedom.

We are committed to achieve our goal, establish and maintain our standards, through self-accountability, monitoring and continuous evaluation. All available education standards outlined by professional bodies like PMDC, CPSP and HEC for imparting medical education will be followed in letter and spirit to achieve this goal.

Teaching Hospitals:

Following three reputable hospitals with a combined capacity of 500 beds will serve as teaching hospital resource for the clinical training of PMC students and later on job training.

  • Mercy Teaching Hospital
  • Kuwait Teaching Hospital
  • Al-Khidmat Teaching Hospital
These hospitals are managed by qualified health professionals and having up to-date clinical and laboratory facilities. The hospitals are within 15-20 minutes drive from main college campus.


Boys :

  • White shirt with collar and a front pocket (Wash-n-wear)
  • Trousers (Steel Gray)
  • Shoes (Black Oxford)
  • Socks (Black)
  • Knee long white Overall
  • White shalwar Qameez


  • Swan white Shalwar grey Qameez with band collar.
  • White Scarf in combination with above
  • Shoes (Black with small heals)
  • Socks (Black)
  • Knee long white overall



In addition to above dress the Male students will wear a Navy BlueBlazer (Single Breasted) along with worsted trousers (Steel Gray) and white long white overall. Baggy pants are not allowed.


The Female students will wear Black woolen sweater with "v" neck or high neck plus knee long white over-all. Blazer & Sweater should not be very tight or very loose either.

Words of Advice:

It is advisable that coats & sweaters may be got stitched/purchased after joining the College for the purpose of having correct pattern, colour and design.

In addition, it is desirable that female students may also have a carrying bag/purse (Black).

College authorities can help the students purchase textbooks and other items of stationery available at College bookshop at concessional rates.

*The above specifications for the Uniform of PMC students must strictly be followed. PMC emphasize the virtue of modesty and simplicity and strongly encourages the observance of Hijab.


The PMC is not responsible to provide accommodation to all the student. However the available facility will be given to the students strictly on merit.

Hostel accommodation for girls students is available on campus.

Students seeking admission is hostel shall apply from a seat on the prescribed form.

There will be separate hostel for male and female students.

Each hostel will have a warden / house keeper duly appointed by the Principal PMC who will execute his/her duties as laid down for them.

Students are require to follow the general rules and regulations, prescribed in the prospectus and framed from time to time.


will be announced soon. Inshallah


will be announced soon. Inshallah


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Internet Orientation.
  • Medical Statistical packages

Students and faculty members are expected to be computer literate. Students will be formally taught computer and part of their internal evaluation will be IT based.