Peshawar Medical College

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Peshawar is perhaps one of the oldest cities in Asia which existed as early as 2000 BC. Inhabited by one and a half million people, it is the capital of NWFP and situated at a distance of 150 KMs from Islamabad.

The famous Khyber Pass is adjacent to Peshawar and is a gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia. For centuries traders, invaders and missionaries have passed trough this historic pass and Peshawar city on their onward march to the subcontinent. In recent times, Russian invasion of Afghanistan and subsequent mass migration of its people to Pakistan has changed the culture and demography of the city to a great deal. The result of all these old and new historically significant events is that Peshawar of today is a dwelling place of people with diverse ethnic, religious, historic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Like its people, the physical face and structure of Peshawar too, has undergone enormous changes over a period. In the past, it was known for its carpet weaving, wood carving and copper work but presentlyKhyber Pass it is a modern industrial city with wide variety of industries ranging from marble to sugar, pharmaceuticals and arms ammunitions.

Peshawar has a rich cultural heritage and can boast of a number of important places e.g. Balahisar forte, Mohabbat Khan Mosque, Wazirbagh and Shahibagh etc. The city has remained a great seat of learning and education in the past and continues being so. The ancient Buddhist Academy is the place where the present knowledge-disseminating Peshawar University is situated.


The college is located on Warsak road, which takes off Jamrud road near St. Mary's school. The college has a lush green sprawling campus that spreads over an area of 25 kanals. It consists of administrative offices, teaching complex, libraries, laboratories, and cafeteria. Excellent facilities of indoor and outdoor games are available.

The college is easily accessible from the cantonment railway station, the city main bus terminal and the Peshawar International Airport.

Warsak road is a dual carriage road, with public buses plying on it, throughout the day and late night. There is a local shopping center adjacent to the college, while the main shopping mall of Sadder is at a close distance. Shaheed Khan stadium on Jamrud road, Warsak dam, and Michini riveria on Kabul River, are at the doorstep' of the college and are popular recreation sites.

Hostel accommodation for girl's students is available on college campus.